Read Regional: Doncaster

A combination of a train strike and a signal failure meant that I almost didn’t make it to my Read Regional event in Doncaster on time. Which would have been sad, and ironic as the city has a strong connection with the railways.  Sir Nigel Gresley designed some of his most famous locomotives there, including the ‘Mallard’, which was built at the Doncaster Works, as was the ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’.

Image result for gresley mallard doncaster

My author talk was in the City Library in Sir Nigel Gresley Square.  When I arrived there was already a crowd of people gathered around the excellent spread of hot drinks and biscuits.

Doncaster Lib 1

I really enjoyed my talk and the questions afterwards, even the one that almost stumped me – ‘With you interest and experience in historical research, how come you don’t write non-fiction.’  I could see the questioner’s point, but it’s never occurred to me to write non-fiction. I suppose partly because I have never felt enough of an expert in any particular area. Also, other than for work (and maybe because of it) I very rarely read non-fiction (I can count the biographies I’ve read, for pleasure, on one hand).

Doncaster is going to be getting a new library soon – it will use the stunning facade of a former girls’ school as the centrepiece of a brand new building. I’m looking forward to being invited back when it’s open!

Image result for doncaster new library


Next stop Bridlington Central Library on Thursday 7th June at 6pm


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